5 Signs you’re Ready to buy a home

Are you tired of living at home with your parents? If you’re renting, do you want to own your home? If you’re living in an apartment, are you sick of the lack of space and permanence? And, if you want to buy a home in East Mesa, how do you know if you’re ready or not? Buying a home is a serious step to take in your life, and if you aren’t prepared, then it could have disastrous consequences. Knowing when and how to buy a home is the first thing you need to educate yourself on before reaching such a huge milestone in your life.

ready to buy a home

One sure fire way to tell if you are ready to purchase a home is how big or small your income is. If you make enough to pay for the realtor fees, closing costs, down payments and more, then you are most likely ready to take that step and own your own home. A lot of people, surprisingly, make this mistake, and it ends up costing them dearly. If you have the proper income and funds to do this, then you’re certainly way ahead of the curve. A lot of people jump into a home without preparing and without the financial stability it requires to be a homeowner. So if you have this stability, it will help you in the long run.

Along with job stability, comes how long you have had that particular job. Mortgage lenders like to know that you have been in a stable job position for at least two years. Anything less than that sends up red flags for them, and they are not likely to give you the proper loan that you need- if they give you one at all. If you are a person who changes job positions a lot and moves around to different companies and services, this probably isn’t the best way to tell a mortgage lender that you are ready to make a big leap in your life and secure the house of your dreams.

Debt is a major concern in this day and age. With credit cards, home loans, car loans and the like, there are many ways a person can be put into debt, and this can easily prevent them from owning the house of their dreams. So if you are debt free, you are already on the right track to procuring the home you desire. Being in major debt is an easy way to be robbed of your potential to have a house. It takes a lot of money to secure one, and even more to keep it. Having your money tied up in other aspects of your life is not a good way to start out.

An obvious factor that affects whether or not you are able and ready to purchase a home is how high or low your credit score is. Or if you even have one at all. This is something else that sends up a red flag for mortgage lenders. Having a low credit score can really damage your chances of buying a home, and not having one at all will have them laughing you out of the bank. A house is a huge investment, and if they have no real way of telling if you are going to pay them back, then they won’t even bat an eye at you if you walk in there demanding so much money. But if you have a great credit score, then they will happily part ways with their bags of money and if they do, you know you’ve made a good choice.

signs ready to buy homeFinally, if you are ready to put down roots in an area and stick around for a long time, then getting a house to make the decision more concrete is just what you should do. Some people think that they are ready to buy a house, and they are perfectly fine financially, but after only a year or two in the home, they uproot themselves and move to a different city for a new job, a new life, or otherwise vacate their current home. This does not seem like a very good investment if you know that you do not want to stick around in the same place for too long. People buy homes for stability and permanence, so if you aren’t seeking that kind of solace, this particular investment is not for you.

If you have determined that you are ready to purchase a home and take the next big step in your life, come to Coldwell Banker North East Mesa. With our expert realtors, you will be in good, capable hands. We can give you the Mesa real estate advice you need in order to move forward in your life and help you find the house of your dreams. So don’t wait another moment, come to Coldwell Banker North East Mesa. Contact us today!

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