How to Brighten Up Your Home with a Green Look

Have you ever been inside a greenhouse? Even the most cluttered of greenhouses has a bright and airy look that makes you feel good when you are in the space. You tend to feel more relaxed and centered when you are surrounded by greenery and are in an open space.

You don’t have to move into a greenhouse to get that feeling all the time. You can brighten up your home by bringing some of those elements into your décor. The green look is an especially good choice for your Las Sendas home in East Mesa, where the verdant landscape is on display, such as in and around the golf course area.

how to brighten up your home with a green look

Here’s how you can add those green elements to your home to make it look brighter and more inviting:

Choose Neutral Tones

Neutral tones help rooms seem bigger. White walls have gotten a bad rep as being “boring,” but the truth is that plain, white walls can make a room seem much larger and more inviting. You can add color to the room with the accessories and décor.

If you don’t like white, choose other neutrals like beige, light grey, or even the palest shades of blue or green. Stick to floors and furniture in natural browns or white. Butcher block counter tops and tables are very popular right now, and they are perfect for this look.

Keeping colors neutral also gives plenty of area for the light to reflect and make the room feel more like a natural space. Your plants and other greenery will really pop against this neutral background, as well.

Get Bigger Windows

Plenty of natural light is essential for a greenhouse look. If you can afford it, replacing your windows with larger windows will make a big difference to the interior of your home. The natural light will make the space feel warm and welcoming, and the large windows will make the home feel even bigger.

If you can’t afford to replace your windows, you can get some of the same benefits by cleaning your windows thoroughly and minimizing your window coverings. Leave the windows completely uncovered where possible. If you need privacy, such as for your bedroom windows, you can include a minimalist window shade that you pull down only when needed.

Trim away any tree or bush branches that block the windows so you can let in more light. Put planting boxes outside your windows and glass shelves inside to hold small plants or succulents.

Replace Your Décor

The right choice of décor can bring the whole greenhouse look together. If you can afford it, replace your cabinet doors with glass doors, adding more depth to the room. Then get some terra cotta pots, wooden crates, burlap or linen bags and metal buckets for things like utensil holders, pantry storage, planters and more.

If you’re feeling really fancy, you can add some stained glass or glass mosaics to your décor. Just make sure you don’t overdo it. You’re going for a greenhouse look, not an altar look.

Add Plenty of Greenery

Naturally, you’ll need to add lots of plants and other greenery to your home to get that natural look. Put potted plants in every room, and use ceiling hangers to put plants in front of windows and other key locations. Put plants on shelves and mantles.

bright home in mesa with green lookIf you don’t have much of a green thumb, you can choose natural-looking silk plants. Succulents are real plants that don’t require a lot of watering, so they are good choices for those who have a hard time keeping their plants alive.

You can also choose practical plants, such as herbs and small veggies in your kitchen. Imagine picking off a garlic bulb from a shelf near the window when you need it, or plucking off a sprig of basil. Convenient and beautiful!

Prints and paintings of flowers and plants can also make your home look beautiful, as can pressed flowers in a frame.

Making this changes can make your home feel exciting and new again. Or, if you are thinking about selling, these changes can make your home look bigger and more attractive to potential buyers. Your home will quickly stand out from all the other homes for sale, and you’ll make the job easy on your realtor.

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