Mesa Homebuyers Save Big this Winter Season

Typically, people like to shop for new Las Sendas homes in the summer when the temperatures are warm and the climate is dry and sunny. That means that there is a lot of competition for buying a house in Mesa and other cities throughout Arizona, which means that you’ll end up paying more.

According to a study from NerdWallet, house prices are at their highest in June and July. They drop a bit in the fall, and they plummet come winter. The study found that prices drop about 3 percent from summer to fall, but they drop more than 8 percent by winter.

mesa home buyers save big this winter season

Of the 50 metro areas the study tracked, home prices were at their lowest in January in 29 of them. Another 19 areas saw their lowest prices in February.

If you can be flexible in the timing of your home purchase, waiting until the winter will be the best choice, financially speaking. Fortunately, the winter in Mesa, Arizona is relatively mild, so you won’t be shaking in your booties while you’re touring houses with your Mesa realtor.
You can save even more when you buy a home in the winter if you follow these tips:

Have Financing Ready

have financing ready when buying a new mesa homeJust because there is less competition during the winter doesn’t mean that there is no competition. All it takes is one other person intent on buying the same has as you are to cause a lot of problems for you. A dedicated bidder can snatch a house from right under you or easily bid the price up.

You can put yourself in a better position by having your financing ready to go when you start your house search. Shop around for lenders, and have a pre-approval letter ready when you start looking. If sellers know that you already have your ducks in a row to get financing, they may be more willing to accept your offer in a multi-bidder situation, or they may be more willing to negotiate with you for a fast sale.

negotiate when buying a new mesa homeAlways Negotiate

You never know what kind of deal you can get until you ask. Sellers aren’t going to offer to lower the price or to throw in extra money for upgrades – you have to ask for these concessions. Luckily, in the winter, you are more likely to be successful in these and other requests.

If you feel intimidated by the idea of negotiating, or you are unsure of what to offer, just let your Mesa realtor do the talking. Your realtor will give you some ideas about what might be an appropriate bid or what kind of extras you might be able to get, like keeping the appliances. If the sellers come back with a counter-offer, your realtor will let you know if it’s a good one or if you should keep pushing. Your realtor not only has a better idea of what the market will currently tolerate, but will also be able to draw on extensive experience to know what offers have a greater chance of success.

be aggressive when buying a new mesa homeBe Aggressive

Don’t be modest with your ask. Even if the seller balks, you can come back with another offer. Unless there are other buyers putting in bids, you aren’t likely to lose the opportunity just because a seller turns down your offer.

Also be aggressive in your search. Even if properties are not becoming available as often as they are in the summer, you still need to be as active in your search because you never know when your dream home will become available. If it’s a really hot property, you want to be one of the first to know about it so you can act quickly.

Ask for a Home Warranty

It can be hard to get a good inspection in the winter. Fewer inspectors are working, and some elements of the home can’t be inspected as easily, such as the air conditioning system. Your inspection might clear, but some problems might emerge a few months after you live in the home. You can protect yourself by asking for a home warranty.

when buying a new mesa home ask for home warrentyA home warranty only costs the sellers between $300 and $500, and it will cover problems with the things like the heating system, electrical and plumbing. it’s a small investment for the sellers and offers huge peace of mind to you.

Buying a house in Mesa during the winter is a great way to get great deals just because there is typically less competition. Following these tips will help you save even more.

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