Expert Tips on Pricing Your East Mesa Home for Sale!

Expert Tips on Pricing Your East Mesa Home for Sale!

Expert Tips on Pricing Your East Mesa Home for Sale!

Here are some tips from realty experts about how to best price your home for a fast sale.
Mesa, Arizona

Deciding to put your Las Sendas home on the market is not always an easy decision. You probably have created many special memories in your home and oftentimes, home sellers tend to feel sentimental and attached to their home-and that is completely normal. However, a sentimental attachment can lead to overpricing your home which in turn will prevent it from selling (fast).

Here are some tips from realty experts about how to best price your home for a fast sale:

Look at past sales and active listings:

While past sales will tell you for what amount homes sold for,previously, active listings may be a great indicator of what homes are not selling for right now. Use the past sales information as a tool to determine the current market trend in your area, meaning are prices increasing or is home value depreciating? How long have current Mesa listings been on the market without selling? It is best to price below those listing prices to increase your chance of selling your home. It will also give you a good idea of what your home is worth on the market right now.

Don’t price too high:

Maybe you are not in a rush to sell your Las Sendas property right now and think that pricing it a bit higher and seeing what happens down the road is a good strategy. But trust me, it really isn’t. Unless the market is booming and appreciating significantly, your home will sit. And waiting never pays off. The longer your home sits on the market, the lower are your chances of selling it. Buyers will wonder what is wrong with a home that has been sitting instead of selling and won’t even want to come and view it. Leave wiggle room, but don’t reach to high.

Price it searchable:

What does that mean? It means price it in a manner that will make it pop when people are searching for properties in real estate search engines. For that reason it may be better to price your home slightly lower than you would like than slightly above. If a buyer is looking for a home of up to $250,000 and you price your home at $255,000 instead of $245,000 you might lose a big chance of selling that home to a large number of prospective buyers, especially if you priced it higher to leave room for negotiation.

Think like a buyer:

Selling and buying in Las Sendas, Arizona
This can be one of the most difficult strategies to adhere to, especially if you have lived in your home for many years, raised your children there, celebrated birthdays, holidays and more. But the naked truth is that you buyer does not care. What your buyer cares about is if the house is priced fairly and competitively in relation to other local homes on the Mesa market. Ask yourself, what you would like about your house if you were the buyer, what features make it special, how does it set itself apart from other homes in your neighborhood and how does it affect the price.

Hire a real estate agent:

East Mesa real estate agents have the best insight in current market trends, pricing strategies and marketing plans. Hiring a Las Sendas realtor can be an excellent move in selling your home fast and at a fair price.

If you are planning on listing your Las Sendas home for sale, the team at Coldwell Banker North East Mesa would be honored to assist you in this exciting process. For more information about pricing and selling your home, contact us today.

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