Take it From the Experts!- Reasons Your Mesa Home Isn’t Selling.

Having your Mesa home for sale but it isn’t selling even after weeks or months of being on the market can be quite discouraging. Maybe you even have quite a few showings and even people show up at your open house events and still-nothing.

There are a myriad of reasons why even the most beautiful house may not sell. Here are the tops reasons why your house is not selling right now:

Bad Pricing aka Priced Way too High

While some buyers may be okay to shell out a bit more than they had budgeted for or could be tempted to go over current market value, if you price your home way too high – it is not going to sell. While you may think that your last bathroom remodel has increased the value of your home, your buyers wills till compare it to other homes in your neighborhood. In the end, your home is worth what it will sell for right now, not what you think it should be worth. Some sellers also make the mistake of attaching too much sentimental value to it which can reflect in their pricing. But fact is, buyers don’t care if this is the house you moved in after you got married and where your kids took their first steps. They see it for what it is, an item that can be compared to other items on the market. So be in the know, check out the local market and price your home accordingly.

Take these Mesa home selling tips From the Experts! -Reasons Your Mesa Home Isn’t Selling.

Take it From the Experts! -Reasons Your Mesa Home Isn’t Selling.

Here are the top reasons why your house is not selling right now!
Mesa, Arizona

Bad Timing

Bad timing can include many different issues such as it is a buyer’s market (more people looking to sell than looking to buy) which leaves the market flooded with houses and give the potential buyer a lot of choices. But the sale of your home may also be connected to the season. Spring and fall are great seasons to sell a home as it is neither too hot not too cold to go house hunting, move boxes and furniture and so forth. In northern states winters are not ideal while in Mesa, summers can be slow and miserably hot if you are planning a move. if you have to move during that time of the year and have to sell your house, your Mesa real estate professional may have some helpful pointers for you.

Bad Impression

If you or your home make a bad first impression, you have pretty much lost the potential buyer already. Leaving dirty dishes in the sink, unmade beds, broken blinds and other items that may be normal for you, are a major no during a showing or open house. Buyers want to feel like this could be there home and that it is a sound investment. Even if the bad impression is only cosmetic, they may not venture any further. Worse even if the home smells bad, has a dripping faucet or leaky toilet. Get our home ready for your buyers and make a good impression.

Bad Photos

Sell your Mesa home with help of a broker
Today people aren’t driving around East Mesa looking for “For Sale” signs. They search online listings so the first time they see your home, it is on a mobile device such as their phone or a computer screen and your home has to be pictured nicely to attract any interest. Pictures with open toilets, torn curtains and dishes in the sink won’t peak anyone’s interest. Focus on the selling points of your home, take outside pictures and the more picture you have and the higher the quality, the better are your chances of landing a sale.

Bad Changes

Or maybe weird ones? Have you remodeled your home in a unique way that you love but buyers may find weird or useless? Maybe you have converted your garage into a sauna which may be great for your health but buyers are looking for a place to put their cars and store items, or maybe you have turned your spare bedroom in a rec room. All these changes that make perfect sense for you and your way of living, may be be a turnoff for buyers. You can counter this by lowering your price or undoing these chances to increase curb appeal and market value.

Bad Online Presence

If you list your home on some obscure or little known website instead of on your agent’s featured listing page or common sites like Homefinder, Zillow and others, potential buyer can’t find it and if they can’t find it, they won’t buy it. Ask your Mesa real estate professional about the best place to advertise the sale of your home to ensure maximum exposure.

Bad Curb Appeal

Tips to enhance curb appeal for your Mesa, AZ, home
A house that looks like it could be the main location of a horror movie, is overgrown with weeds and just looks unkempt will prevent many interested buyers from ever checking out the inside. To attract buyers keep your landscaping up to par, repair small issues such as loose and dangling shutters and other cosmetic issues that make your home look dumpy. Present your home in a way that shows that you care about it, that also means no chipping paint, dirty paths or sagging gutters.

Bad Selling Strategy

In today’s housing market trying to sell a home on your own and without an agent rarely works. And I am saying this not because I am an agent, but because that’s how it is. Your experienced local Mesa broker has a front row seat in the local market. He or she can tell you what homes are selling for right now, what features buyers are interested in, and more. In addition, we can broaden your scope by sharing advertisement with colleagues from our brokerage or others as well, giving your property maximum exposure. A agent can help to get your home ready, get it promoted and target the appropriate pool of buyers.

Of course, there are many other reasons why your home may not be selling. It is best to consult with a Las Sendas real estate agent to ensure your property is ready for sale. If you are looking to buy or sell a home in Gilbert, Chandler, Mesa and surrounding areas contact us today. The real estate team with Coldwell Banker Northeast Mesa is always happy to help. Contact us today to learn more.

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