Great Money Savers for New Mesa Homeowners!

Congratulations on your new home! Maybe you just moved in, maybe you have already been living in your Las Sendas home for a few months, either way, things are still fairly new and there is no better time to set the course for your continued and future homeownership than now. To assist you with starting to save money as soon as possible, the East Mesa realtors with Coldwell Banker East Mesa have compiled a great list of tips they have accumulated over years of being in the business.

Great Money Savers for New Mesa Homeowners!

Great Money Savers for New Mesa Homeowners!

Saving money is always in style. Below you will find great tips on how to save energy and money with your home.
Mesa, Arizona

Here are our favorite ways for new homeowners to save money now and for years to come:

Install Ceiling Fans

If you are moving to or within East Mesa, your new home probably already has ceiling fans installed. Sometimes, in new constructions you are still a few fans short in which case it pays to install one sooner than later as ceiling fans are great inexpensive way to keep the air flowing in your home. The effect of moving air can assist you to keep the thermostat set at a higher temperature during the summer and at a lower during the cooler months which can lead to significant savings on your power bill.

Expert tip on using your ceiling fan: In the summer months the air should be blowing down and in the winter months being pulled up, meaning away from you. If you have never tried this, check for the reversal switch feature on your ceiling fan and experience the difference today.

Know How to Use Your Programmable Thermostat:

Programmable thermostats are today’s VCRs, everybody has them and only a few know how to program them. Oftentimes, we host open houses or come to a showing and the owner has punched willy nilly on the thermostat hoping that the temperature setting will be “okay”. being able to properly program your thermostat will not only keep your home at a comfortable temperature, but allow you to save money as well. How? By changing temperature settings during times you are either asleep or away from home, you significantly increase the cost efficiency of your air conditioning electrical usage. And you won’t have to remember to do it yourself before leaving or going to bed. If you do not have a programmable thermostat, have one installed or do it yourself and be surprised by the energy savings the next time your APS or SRP bill is due.

Air Filters

Energy saving ideas for Mesa homes
Right after you move in (or as soon as you remember) change the AC air filters. This will only take a few minutes and make a world of difference. Dirty or clogged air filters make your HVAC system work less efficiently and much harder than it needs to. They also help to filter pollen and other environmental things such as pet dander, dust and more. Take care to ensure that your filter has the right measurements for you AC vent and that they are not too thick (which makes the AC work harder than necessary) or too thin (does not filter particles well enough) and that you have a few extras on hand for replacement. Also make sure vents are free of obstructions to keep air flowing nicely.

Energy Savings Appliances

Ideally you will tell your builder (if you are moving into a new construction) that you want top energy rated appliances. Your washing machine and dishwasher will work faster, use less water and less energy and save you a ton of money down the road. If your HOA allows it or you can hide it away, consider hanging your clothes on a line in the laundry room or even outside. Not using your dryer (which is one of the most expensive appliances to run, by the way) will result in better smelling laundry and some serious cost savings. Additionally, the gentle process of air drying your clothes will make your wardrobe last longer.

Insulate Your Attic

…or make sure it is appropriately insulated. If you are unsure contact your local Mesa roofer to find out. Having a properly insulated attic in Mesa will prevent a lot of green from evaporating. In a state as hot as Arizona you need to ensure that you HVAC system does not have to work harder because warm or cold air (depending on the season) is allowed to escape into the attic.

Lower Your Water Heater’s Temperature

No, I am not saying take a cold shower, but by lowering the temperature setting of your hot water heater to 120F or below, you won’t have to worry about being scalded by hot water and homeowners rarely use water that is hotter than 120F anyhow. In Las Sendas, especially during the summer months, you may be able to lower the temperature even more.

Shade Trees

Benefits of East Mesa Shade Trees
Shade trees that cast a shadow on your house during midday can also help your house to stay cooler, your AC to run less and you to stay more comfortable, plus they make oxygen and look great. Trees are a win-win. If you have a pool in your backyard (which also has a lot of energy friendly and money saving options) check with your local nursery about which foliage will work best for your needs, and opt for some trees that are less prone to shedding.

Check Plumbing

Check all toilets, sinks, tubs and faucets to ensure that there is no water leaking or any other issues that could potentially waste water. Leaks will not only increased your utility bill, but can cause wet spots, foster mold and fungus growth, and can deteriorate building materials. All of which can end up rather costly.


Oftentimes, tax benefits and incentives are available to homeowners who upgrade their AC unit, the attic insulation, buy a new water heater or install efficient roofing. Check what applies to your particular home and if certain parts of your new home have to be redone anyhow, redo them in the most cost efficient way by taking advantage of tax breaks and other incentives.

Of course there are many other ways to save money such as exchanging light bulbs for more energy efficient ones, insulating water pipes, change locks to make sure nobody but you has access to your new home, seal cracks and prevent air leaks and much more.

If you are looking to buy a new home in Las Sendas or surrounding East Mesa communities, the real estate brokers with Coldwell Banker North East Mesa will be happy to help you find the perfect property for you. To learn more about our prime properties or if you are looking to sell your Mesa home, contact us today.

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