How to Find a Summer Job for Your Teen (or yourself) in Mesa Now!

Finding a summer job does not have to be a challenge. Here are a few tips on how and where to find one and why having a summer job as a teen is beneficial. Let’s start with how:

Ask friends or family members

Do any of your friends or family members own their own business and need summer help? This is an excellent way your teen can land a summer job. You can rest assured your teenager is under safe guidance when their employer is a trusted friend or family member.

How To Find The Perfect Mesa Summer Job For Your Teenage

Online job sites

With a large number of online job sites today, you can apply to available jobs from home. Searching through classified job ads can be done anytime of the day and is probably the quickest and easiest way. Type in your Mesa zip code and the search results will pull up available jobs near you. You can help with the search by reading about the job description to determine if it will be suitable for your teen.

Apply In-Person

A great way to find a summer job is to apply In-Person. Many businesses post “Help Wanted” signs and even if they don’t, you can ask if you can fill out an application to leave with them. Just remember, your appearance should be clean and well groomed. Wear a business casual outfit, even if the workplace is very casual. Don’t wear shorts, flip flops, dirty shoes, etc. Do wear a collared shirt or blouse, khakis, or a long skirt and wear appropriate shoes that are clean. You want to be prepared for an on-the-spot interview and create a memorable first impression.

Where to find a summer job in Mesa:


Clothing, grocery or big-box stores often hire temporary, part-time, seasonal employment. Positions most often offered in retail are merchandise stockers, grocery baggers and cashiers.

Food service

The food service industry is always looking for help. You or your teen could work in a fast food location, restaurant, snack stand or frozen yogurt shop. The types of positions available in the food service industry are food prep, cook, dishwasher, server, food runner, hostess, busser and cashier.


Movie theaters, recreation centers, summer camps, waterparks, and arcades are fun spots to earn money. These businesses are busiest during the summer months when children are out of school.

House sitting, babysitting, pet sitting

Top Reasons For Your Teenager To Get A Job This Summer!With Mesa locals getting out of town for vacation, there’s opportunity to earn money by watching over a house and pets while they are away. Babysitting is another great opportunity since young kids are out of school and need someone to care for them while their parents are at work.

So you want your teenage son or daughter to get a job? Kudos to you! There are a number of reasons why having a summer job is beneficial to a teenager:

Financial Independence

Instead of having to foot the bill for your teens many expenditures like clothes, gas, cell phone and video games, let them earn their own money! They will enjoy the independence of not having to ask Mom or Dad every time they need some cash. And you will be happy with the money you are saving.

Skill Development

Establishing workplace skills at an early age will pay off, literally! Getting to work on time, customer service, problem solving and the feeling of accomplishment when completing a task correctly are just a few fundamental skills a summer job will teach your teenager.

It can be fun!

No really! Your teen can have fun while working. Your teen gets to meet new people and create new experiences. Maybe your teen will develop a new passion which will help him or her to decide what to do after high school. A summer job keeps them busy and gets them out of the house so you don’t have to listen to them complain of boredom.


This is a big one! These are the last few years until they reach adulthood. Soon, they will be out of your house and making tough decisions on their own. By having your teenager work a summer job, you are preparing them to be responsible for themselves. You must work in order to pay the bills so knowing how to apply for a job, secure an interview, and get the job are life lessons everyone should have. You will have peace of mind knowing you did your best to teach them this. Let your teen grow as an individual and become a well-rounded adult by taking on increased responsibility with a summer job.

The real estate brokers with Coldwell Banker North East Mesa wish you luck at finding the perfect summer job for your teenager (or yourself) in Mesa!

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