Moving into your Mesa home during the heat of the summer

Ron and Debbie have been helping people fulfill their dreams of being homeowners for over 15 years now. Mesa has some amazing properties to share and being a Las Sendas realtor in the area has helped them specialize in the area. Homes for sale in Mesa are gems, and Ron and Debbie know just how to find the perfect home for you. Not only can they help you achieve your home-owning dream, but also they’ve been through it all.

Moving to mesa during the summer.

It’s a dry heat.

To be honest, I don’t think dry or wet would make a difference when it’s triple digits at 2 in the afternoon. Moving in the middle of summer can be difficult and brutal, but here are some helpful ideas to get you through.

It’s been pounded in our head for years now to drink water, and that should go without saying in the desert, but we all forget. Flavor somehow seems to trick us into thinking we are happier so gulping down a Dr. Pepper makes us think we aren’t thirsty – false. Although our bodies can absorb the water that is within soft drinks or juices, in the middle of summer and especially when moving thus exercising, it’s so incredibly important to stay hydrated. It will make for an easier move and less exhaustion in the long run, just don’t forget toilet paper at the new house.

Some common signs of heat exhaustion (cue shade, air conditioning, water and in extreme cases calling 911):

  • Heavy sweating
  • Rapid, weak heartbeat
  • Feeling faint or dizzy
  • Nausea, even without having eaten
  • Low blood pressure or shaky legs
  • Body aches and/or headache
  • Fatigue and lethargy
  • Cool, moist, pale skin

If someone you are moving with (or you) shows these symptoms get to a cooler area and sip water, chugging wont increase hydration because we can only absorb water so fast.

Practice safe moving.

Use your common sense and discretion when it comes to when to move. The middle of a thunderstorm or 3:34pm may not be the best time to load up and move in. The earlier, the better. If you can rally for just a day and get up before 7, that can save you from having to move during the hottest part of the day. We recommend breaking it up in to two days if necessary to avoid the afternoon hairdryer feeling and keep your body and valuables safe.

Best advice ever.

Set up your utilities to turn on the day before you move. This way you guarantee they’ll be functioning and you can turn the air on the moment you get there. Having a cool house to unpack in, or even just as the break times between loads can save you from feeling faint, dizzy or worse – getting cranky. No one likes cranky when they are lifting TV’s and tables.

Some obvious advice here, but dress appropriately. We get (fingers crossed) breezes in the morning but moving around and loading isn’t going to make for chilliness. Wear sunscreen and be prepared to get hot, the easier it is for you to move in your clothes the less grumpy (and hot) you’ll be. It doesn’t hurt to pack a cooler full of waters and Gatorade or other electrolyte-dense drinks. Throw in a towel or two, seriously, and use those as personal air conditioners mid-move. The quickest way to lower your body temperature is to put it on the back of your neck.

It’s like a storage tub, for your house.

Pods, or DIY moving containers are a great option if you’re not looking to move within a day. These come in handy for those who have a more flexible schedule, allowing you to pack up your home over the course of a few days and take your time. This way you can plan out when you want to be outside and take as many Popsicle breaks as you want.

Of course, hiring the professional to do the job can safe you all of the hassle, but don’t be stingy – those Gatorades and waters you brought will make your movers happy and even more willing to get the job done on time and with integrity.

Moving to Mesa during summer.Last, but not least…

Be sure to consider what you’re packing. If you’re using a U-Haul or truck, think about what is in the boxes before you make the trip. Some items such as electronics, DVD’s, craft supplies, dry pantry food or even your fish tank shouldn’t sit out in the heat for a prolonged amount of time. Moving in the middle of the month, although it doesn’t guarantee cooler temperatures, will save you some hassle. If you can avoid the rush at the beginning of the month when everyone and their uncles are moving in you can avoid long elevator waits or having to play Tetris with two other people’s couches.

Mesa is our home and even in the heat of the summer it can be a beautiful place to live. Homes for sale in Mesa are bought quick and Ron and Debbie are always on the look out for the perfect home for your family, and for the best advice on topics such as these. Contact Coldwell Banker North East Mesa today.

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