Pretty and frugal. Giving your Mesa yard a makeover that will make it more economical.

We always want everything, right? Why have a mocha latte when you can have an extra large, almond milk, organic cacao bean latte? Point is, being economical and pretty can be tricky, but it’s not impossible. Most of the time if you want a lot of grass that means a lot of water, or if you want a lot of gorgeous plants and flowers you need a lot of money. There’s options though, and we hope this will help.

As realtors in East Mesa we have ran into plenty of curb-appeal issues and fortunately, have seen a ton of gorgeous ideas that work well in our desert climate. To sell your East Mesa home it means perfecting all of the details, including your yard. Afterall this is the first thing that people see and makes the first impression, and if you’re revamping for your personal summer enjoyment – enjoy!

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Love your yard like you love yourself.

I think Blue Buffalo coined that as their dog food slogan, so we’ll give credit where credit is due, but point is to maintain your yard in a way that you can sustainably do so. Using organic plant food on your yard is just as important as feeding your body high quality fruits and veggies. (Excuse the round about plant rant). If you’re eco-minded, using compost will allow for the healthiest lawn, at any size, and give you piece of mind when barefoot or playing with your kiddos on the lawn.

Regardless of how hippie you are, we can all recognize that not all weeds are bad. If you can accept that not using weed killers and fertilizers that prevent weed growth then you won’t only save yourself the money of such products and labor, but will give your yard diversity and health from the nutrients found naturally in plants like glovers or daisies that can sprout out of basically nowhere.

Do I really have to mow?

You want to keep your grass two to three inches high, if you’re an avid mower. The smaller the yard the less you need to mow, as the grass won’t look as overwhelming. Outlining your grassy area with large potted flowers and sectioning off a non-grass area for entertainment with a cute table, some string lights and maybe a DIY herb garden project will give you the yard feel you want with minimal grass area.

Sustainable and low maintenance… yes.

Pavers and rocks may not be your first choice in yard, or maybe that’s not what having a yard means to you – but it’s a great choice for those of us that live in a high drought area and have to consider each drop of water that we use. Creating a space that is mostly pavers with gravel in between can provide an excellent backdrop to summer parties and outdoor fun. Play with the colors of the rock material and you’re basically a landscaper.

IF you’re not attached to grass, which lets be honest we live in Mesa, then you have a plethora of options for beauty and function.

Be strategic.

economical yard mesa

Where you plant your trees and flowers, even succulents, can provide benefit to your garden. If you want some ground cover, consider succulents as they’ll spread across the ground and they are gorgeous. Plant trees and large leaf plants in corners of your yard so they don’t require constant pruning or trimming. We don’t suggest a yard full of all of the same plant or tree, but keeping the light and water needs consistent with the plants in your yard will cut down on maintenance fees and make your space much more user friendly.

Mulching can help you keep nutrients in your yard and improve the appearance of many gardens or flowerbeds. Because it’s such an inexpensive option, mulching can cut down even more on the expense of a pretty yard, making your plant decisions look carefully planned and trimmed to perfection, without a hassle.

Additionally, utilizing permeable paving or synthetic grass (although slightly expensive upfront) allows for the upmost water efficiency and both options are gorgeous against our deserts green and tan backdrop.

Use the heck out of Pinterest.

Many yard designs are purposefully easy. With the addition of simple pavers, functional areas or handing flowers in a row to act as a barrier from an entertainment to fire pit area can add value and curb appeal to your yard. The more economical in the initial costs, like pavers or permeable materials, the less you’ll spend on maintenance and trying to keep grass alive in the heat of our Arizona summers.

So often yards become a hassle or stress zone, but many times a simple makeover with some inexpensive potted plants (you can even repurpose old ones you find at GoodWill) can add value to your yard. With a bit of weed-pulling and some low maintenance succulents for color, creating a path to your doorway or revamping a place where your dog dug is no longer a week long project.

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