3 Ways Seasons Affect Mesa Home Sales

Tips to use when selling your Mesa home in each season
There’s no reason to wait for the perfect season to list your home. Today, people are buying homes in spring, summer, fall and winter. Use each season to your advantage when preparing your Mesa home to sell.

Spring and Summer

The lively seasons of spring and summer in Mesa make us think of barbecues, pool parties and blooming flowers. Play up these outdoor areas! If you have a pool, skim it daily so no debris is floating in the water. Toss in a few pool toys like beach balls or rafts. If you have a water feature, keep it running so the water sounds create a relaxing mood. Roll up beach towels and place one on each pool lounge chair. If your home has an outdoor barbecue, make sure it is clean and place a few barbecue cooking utensils nearby. Keep blooming plants, trees and gardens free of weeds and watered daily. If you have any rose bushes, place a few roses in a vase on the dining room table or a bedside table in the master suite.

Attracting home buyers in the warmer months means adjusting your thermostat so it is nice and cool! As soon as a home buyer enters through your front door, you want them to feel a blast of cold air. Set out chilled beverages and water for visitors to enjoy while they tour your home. These little touches will make a potential buyer want to take a permanent vacation at your home.

Fall and Winter

There may not be any snow on the ground in Mesa, but the fall and winter months makes us feel the need for warmth, pleasant thoughts of the holidays and spending time with family and close friends. To prepare your home for the fall and winter seasons, play up the best features that will make buyers feel cozy and welcome. If your home has a fireplace, keep a fire going. The crackling sound of a fire will create a calm and comforting ambiance. Light candles that smell delicious such as pumpkin pie or baked sugar cookies. Set the dining table with elegant place settings to show how easy it is to entertain and host dinner parties in the home.
lemon tree in a home for sale in mesa arizona
Mesa is famous for mild winters which is a wonderful selling advantage. Be sure to make the yard and patio just as inviting as the inside. Water grass and plants and rake leaves. Keep patio furniture and cushions clean and dry. If you have any citrus trees, prune dead leaves and branches. Place citrus fruit in a bowl on the kitchen counter. The aromatic scent of the citrus blossoms is one enticing feature you will want to play up.

The entrance to your home is the first impression to a buyer, so ensure the walkway and front entryway are swept daily. Place a welcome mat at the doorway and hang a seasonal wreath on the front door to make your home stand out from the rest.


Regardless of what season you are selling your home in Mesa, your first step is to declutter. Host a garage sale or donate items to charity. Get rid of old toys, clothes, exercise equipment, garage tools and broken or outdated furniture. Stage your home with only the basic furnishings necessary. Rent a storage unit for items you want to keep but are not fit or practical for the space. Items that should be stored away are wall hangings, nick-knacks, personal photos and eclectic décor’ that you may love but might not be appreciated by all. Take magnets and papers off the fridge. Clear out closet spaces, cabinets, the pantry and garage. You want to showcase how much space is available in all the rooms, closets and storage areas. Mesa home buyers want to imagine their own furniture and personal effects in a home so keeping the home open and clear helps them create an idea of where their own furnishings will fit.

Once your home is decluttered, the second step is to deep clean! Windows, walls, floors, baseboards, doors, handles, switches, bathrooms, cabinets, shelves, carpets, ceiling fans, light fixtures and appliances should be washed thoroughly. Hiring a cleaning company can be a huge help as they have the proper tools and products to deep clean your home, leaving it spotless.

The third step is to touch up any paint on the walls and repair or replace anything broken or missing such as light bulbs, door handles or switches. Everything in the home should be in working order.

These 3 steps will surely make potential buyers want to call your house their new home no matter the time of year! The real estate team with Coldwell Banker Northeast Mesa can help ensure your property is ready for sale. Call us today!

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