5 Tips for Home Designing on a Budget

If you are considering selling your East Mesa home, your real estate agent may have some tips to make that more likely to happen. Homeowners call it “spiffing things up”, while a realtor calls it creating “curb appeal”.

Following are five fairly inexpensive tips to help anyone improve the appearance of their home.

5 tips for home designing on a budget

1. Create Interest with Artwork

Watch for East Mesa “starving artist” sales. They can be a gold mine of oil paintings by new artists at rock bottom prices. Hang canvases to add interest to blank walls. Use large paintings for large walls, the canvases should fill the wall.

Create your own artwork. You can even use family photos. Go through your photo albums with a theme in mind, for example, cars you’ve owned, vacations, birthdays or pets. Place them in matching frames and line them up in any type of symmetrical arrangement, whether in one straight line or a grid of three or four lines. Just use a level to keep lines straight.

Try photocopied art; it can look sophisticated when placed in a glass document frame.

You don’t even need pictures, interesting plates in varying colors, textures, designs and sizes can be grouped into an arrangement. To decide on the arrangement lay the plates out on the floor first. Once you have decided how to arrange them use wire plate hangers to hang them on the wall.

You don’t need to be a trained decorator to create wall groupings. Check out some of the “how to” sites online for ideas.

2. Try Novel and Unexpected Décor

For example, bring the outdoors inside. Fill a sunny room with inexpensive wicker furniture. Accent with sunny colors and add lots of plants. This is an especially attractive look if the indoor plants seem to blend into the plants outside the windows so that the lines between inside and outside are blurred.

Almost anything can serve as a decoration. Fill a jar with seashells, a small vase with lemons or a large vase with cat tails. Add some driftwood to your decor for a rustic look. Chances are you will see similar accessories in home stores. This type of decorating is easiest when done around a theme, such as the beach or the garden.

Another money saver in decorating is to sew your own window treatments or pillows. After all, it only requires sewing a straight line.

3. Purchase Used and “As Is” Items

You don’t have to purchase furniture off the showroom floor in order to have an attractive home. Check the “scratch and dent” or “as is” section of the store. Also, ask if they give discounts for purchasing display models or if there is a clearance price for purchasing the last one of something.

Don’t jump into a department store purchase, bide your time to see if it goes on sale. In addition, sign up at the store’s website and you may find a discount coupon in your email.

If you have the time and patience to shop garage sales, estate sales and secondhand stores you can find some great deals. In addition, check out storage locker and hotel liquidation sales.

This type of shopping requires a little more time and effort, but many people find it enjoyable. Especially when they score a great bargain!

4. Banish Clutter

An open, airy, uncluttered look is one to strive for. Make use of storage furniture and furniture that serves a dual purpose. Add shelves to closets and entryways. Hide clutter away in attractive bins.

If on the other hand you need to separate spaces in a large room, create zones with room dividers or bookcases.

5. Paint, Refresh and Update

In preparation to sell a house, painting every room a fresh, neutral color is the first order of business. This is a comparatively inexpensive change that will bring a high return. The Las Sendas home will immediately look and smell squeaky clean.

If you can’t afford new cabinets or lighting you can easily update the old ones. How about just adding new doors to your kitchen cabinets? You may even get by with simply repairing broken hinges and installing new hardware.

If you aren’t adventurous enough to replace built in lighting fixtures, you can always add an attractive lamp here and there.

You can make inexpensive furniture look more exclusive by adding decorative molding or piping.

home designed while on budget in east mesaA trick to creating visual space is to make low ceilings appear higher by hanging art in vertical lines and mounting window treatments as high as possible on the wall. Mirrors also make a room appear more spacious.

Placing your Home on the Market?

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