How to Get Your Home Ready for the Appraisal

If you are preparing to sell your East Valley home, there are certain things you probably already know about the process. One remarkably important aspect of the home selling process is the home appraisal. This is is a huge step in ensuring you set the right price for your home. If your home is not in tip-top shape, this could mean the difference between losing money on your home, which is likely one of your largest investments, or getting it all back and then some. Luckily, there are several things you can do in order to prepare for your appraisal.

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The Importance of the Home Appraisal & The Appraiser

You may think that the person who appraises your house is a looming and horrible entity who is bound to destroy your dreams of owning a new home with a clipboard and a check list; however, appraisers are people too, and they are here to protect your investment as well as the person who will ultimately buy your home. They want to put the right value on your home based on damage done to it and wear and tear that it has undergone over the years. This will be beneficial to both you and your buyer.

The appraiser is just looking to see what condition your home is in and how many repairs it may need. If they appraise your home at a low value and suggest certain repairs to be made, you can make the small updates like painting, updating lighting fixtures and the like, and you can schedule another appraisal. A second appraisal may be given a higher value than the original inspection. This, in combination with listening to advice from your Las Sendas realtor, will help you get the right value for your home and quite possibly sell your house quicker than you expect.

Clean your Home

One simple step to take before your appraisal is to clean, clean, clean. An extraordinarily deep cleaning can really go a long way with your appraisal. Clean your baseboards, dust the ceiling fans, clean things that would not ordinarily be done in your usual cleaning habits. Once your house is sparkling and more sanitary than a surgical room, this will definitely appease your appraiser and grant a good estimate for the value of your home.

Schedule in the Afternoon

An obscure way to help, but effective nonetheless, is to schedule the appraisal later in the day, preferably after lunch time. Studies have shown that officials are more lenient after they have eaten, which is evidence that hunger is a major factor in decision making. And if it isn’t possible to get an after-lunch appraisal, make sure to set out snacks for the appraiser. Put them in a good mood to give you a good estimate. Everyone likes a good cookie. Set out a plate of them on your kitchen counter or coffee table so they are easily accessible to the person in charge of placing the value on your home.

Make A List

If you have made a variety of modifications to your home, you will want to make a list of everything that has been done to the house before the appraisal. This is especially important for changes that are not easily seen by the naked eye, such brand new plumbing, a new air conditioning unit, or remodeled ventilation. Having a physical list can do wonders when someone is working to determine the value of your home for selling.

The Last Impression

coldwell home ready appraisalWhen it comes to home improvements, save the best for last. If your home has undergone significant updates, like a kitchen remodel or living room and bathrooms, you will want to show those last. Most people like to focus on the curb appeal of their home. Front yards and kitchens are the most commonly renovated areas of the home, as well as bathrooms. If these areas have been remodeled, then make sure to let your appraiser see them last, because it could really leave a lasting impression.

For more tips about your appraiser, talk to your East Mesa realtor. Coldwell Banker East Mesa is the East Valley’s prime real estate company. With their extensive library of knowledge, we also partner with local appraisal companies to get you on your way to selling your house at the desired price. We can offer tips and solutions for your next appraisal and get you the desired selling price for your home. To find out more about our services, give us a call at (602)-618-9512.

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