Let’s face it, first impressions count. Whether we do it intentionally or not, our first impression of someone will influence everything that comes after.

The same principle holds true for your Mesa home that you are looking to sell. If your potential buyer pull up and see a house that has seen better days, they probably will never even want to get to know it. No matter how beautiful, stylish and upscale the inside is, if the first impression of your home falls flat- it will remain on the market.


The Importance Of A Great First Impression When Selling Your Mesa Home

Here are some ideas and tips from our Mesa real estate professionals about how to make a great first impression when selling your house!
Mesa, Arizona

But what exactly makes or breaks the first impression and how to improve said impression to attract buyers?

Here are some ideas and tips from our Mesa real estate professionals about how to make a great first impression:


Maybe you enjoy a garden and yard that looks like it sprung straight out of the Jungle Book. Chances are, you are pretty alone with that. When a potential buyer pulls up and your front yard looks like he or she is going to need a machete to make it to the entrance, they won’t even bother getting out, let alone ever consenting to the asking price.

Having one or several contoured flower beds put in, can dramatically change the appearance and presentation of our Mesa real estate without breaking the bank. Perennials are a great option that will last for a long time. Another trend we are currently seeing is that buyers are drawn to homes that use bushes and brushes as focal points and to accentuate certain areas of the home. Strategically place on corners or entryways they make inviting additions to your outside greenery.

In Mesa especially plants that give the impression of the tropics are a big seller. Add some nice luscious green plants and palmtrees and you won’t want to move out anymore.

Clean lines on pathways or where mulch meets gravels always make a great first impression. They look clean and simple and invite to a stroll up your entryway. No matter how great your kitchen may be, if your prospective buyer won’t make it through the door, it won’t sell the house.

Shutters and Walls

Shabby chic is not a good idea for the outside of your home. Dangling shutters and peeling paint don’t look romantic, but evoke feelings of neglect. And if you home looks neglected on the outside, the buyer will never want to find out how the inside looks like. If the paint of your home is peeling and looking dingy have it painted. The same goes for homes with a “unique” paint color. Meaning a color that only you enjoy. A few years ago a client had a house that was painted in a color that I called “smurf blue”; he had to repaint it to sell it.

A good paint job can take your home from dated to “up to date” in no time and for relatively little money spent.

Shutters can be a nice feature for your home, but if you shutters have seen better days and give the impression as if you home has been a bar fight, have them repaired, replaced or removed completely. It will give your home a more polished and sleek appearance.

first impressions matter

Front Door

A new front door is often the biggest return on investment you can get. It is a great, cheap way to instantaneously update the look of your home and changing its style completely. A door can make the house look romantic, modern, sleek, inviting, even quirky.

Newer Las Sendas homes may not have to deal with this issues, but if you have owned your home for a awhile, and maybe have kids and pets, you know that your front door has to take quite a beating. You don’t always have to replace the entire door, sometimes, new trim and a new coat of paint suffice to make it inviting again.


If your driveway is cracked and riddled with pot- and sink holes, you need to get it fixed. Cracks and holes will cause the asphalt to deteriorate even more over time. Selling your home with something that needs obviously fixing, rarely works. Nobody wants to move in a home where everything needs to repaired, at least probably not for the asking price of the home. You can always consult your East Mesa real estate expert if you are in doubt if something needs to be repaired or not.

Even if your driveway is in tip top shape, make sure that it looks inviting. This means, remove toys, bikes, scooters and lawn equipment when you are trying to sell your home. A clean and empty driveway just looks much more inviting.

Roof and More

Buyers almost always ask about the condition of the roof, so if you roof looks bad, you are already off to a very bad start. If it is dirty or has fungi growing on it, clean it or have it professionally cleaned. Missing shingles and tiles will need to be replaced as well. A healthy roof is a great selling point for any home. As it is a major expense no new homeowner wants to be burdened with roof repair or replacement before having even moved in.

If your house has outside lighting, make sure it works. Especially if you are showing your home at night. Even if it is just a burnt out light bulb, it looks sub-par.


While smell is not really part of the curb appeal of your home, it can make or break a deal. If the buyers are turned off by the way your home smells, the very moment they step through the door, their mind is already made up. No other sense is as fast as our sense of smell and nothing breaks a deal faster.

If your home smells of mildews and mold, have it removed. Empty trash cans and move the dumpster, if necessary. Scented candles and air fresheners can be overpowering and can cause some buyers to have headaches. By now, everybody has heard of the age old trick of baking cookies or apples before a showing to make the buyer feel warm and at home.

Of course, there are many other great tricks on how to make a first good impression. Hiring a professional photographer for your home for sale pictures is definitely worth it . The Wall Street Journal has recently published an article stating that homes with better pictures can make up to $115,000 more than those with shabby ones.

If you are in the market to buy or sell property in Las Sendas, Mesa, contact the real estate team with Coldwell Banker Northeast Mesa today. Our experienced realtors can assist you in finding the perfect home and give you great tips if you are looking to sell.

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