Incorporating Stone into Your Home to Help Sell It

incorporating stone into your home to help sell it

If you see a home with wood paneling on the outside next to a home that is completely covered in brick, which do you think is higher quality? Or if you compare a home with stucco siding to one with a stone façade, which do you think is more attractive or worth more money? In most cases, homes that have a stone exterior will be valued higher. Even those that have stone features inside, such as a large stone fireplace or stone wall accents will be priced higher.

If you are ready to sell your East Mesa home, or your home elsewhere in Arizona, you may want to consider adding stone features inside or outside your home. Doing so can help to sell your home faster – if you choose the right accents with the right stone. Here are some things to consider for incorporating stone into your home to help sell it:

Stone Veneer

You don’t have to invest in full stone blocks to get the same benefit of revamping your home with stone. Using full blocks can be quite costly, and the blocks can be too heavy to use with your current structure.stone veneer on outside of house You may need to beef up your home’s supports in order to use full stone blocks, depending on the project.

Instead, you can use stone veneer to get the same look with more flexibility and at a much lower price.

Stone veneer gives you just the façade of the stone. It is a flat piece that can be easily installed just about anywhere you want it. You don’t have to worry about the weight, and you can put it right over other material, such as stucco or even old brick. The stone is just stuck to the front of the surface – it doesn’t have to be stacked and leveled. Installation is not nearly as complicated as it is for full stones.

Kitchen and Bathroom

The best place to install stone veneer in your home to get the most return on your sale is either the kitchen or the bathroom. These are the places that many people spend most of their time, and stone will make a bathroom or kitchen look sophisticated and luxurious. You’ll impress potential buyers with a simple upgrade.

Use stone veneer on a feature wall to save money and create a strong impact. For example, you can create a stone veneer wall behind the kitchen sink and the connected counter or behind the stove and those counters. In the bathroom, you can create a stone veneer wall for the shower or along the vanity wall. If you are feeling more ambitious, you can deck out the whole room in stone veneer.

stone supplied around walkway in front room of houseLiving Room and Other Rooms

In the other rooms of your home, the most common area to add stone is the fireplace. You can create a stunning fireplace with a stone veneer surround. You can put the stone around the fireplace and even extend it all the way to the ceiling in a column.
Branching out, you can create an accent wall of stone veneer in places like behind a bar or in a seating nook. Plan the type and color of stone carefully to complement the other textures and colors used in the room. Choose a stone look that is fashion forward – you don’t want to date your house with your choices.


Putting stone veneer on the outside of your home can have the biggest return on your investment. If you put stone veneer on the entire exterior, some estimates suggest you could double return you get. That can be a huge chunk of change in your pocket after the sale, which you could put toward an even larger house or could help pay off debts faster. Again, it is important that you choose the best stone to complement the style of the house.
If you can’t afford to put stone around the whole exterior, consider putting it around certain segments of the exterior or to create an accent around doors or windows. Many homes feature a combination of stone and siding, so this look would work very well.

exterior stone suppliedWhen you are ready to sell your East Mesa home, make sure you contact an experienced East Mesa realtor who can help you understand what changes are needed to make a fast sale and get the best selling price. Coldwell Banker Trails and Paths will help you get the results you want by marketing your home properly and even having it staged (if that is part of your budget). Our agents will also help you find your dream home in Arizona, if you are planning to stay in the state.

If you are considering making stone upgrades to your home before selling it, contact Centurion Stone of Arizona. We are the premier stone supply company in the state, and we offer a wide variety of stones, pavers and veneer. We provide the highest quality stones at the best prices. Our stone suppliers in Apache Junction are happy to help you find the best stone for your home and to answer any questions you have about using it to the best effect.

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