Tips for Selling your House When You Work From Home

Working from home is perfectly convenient for the normal days when you aren’t trying to pack up and move. Even worse is setting up a new home office and getting back to work right away. With all of the work you have to get done, moving your home office can be really stressful, and you may not have time for it. Selling your Las Sendas home could be an even worse ordeal. Having random strangers traipsing through your office all day while you are trying to get work done is counter-productive. Here are a few tips for selling your house when you work out of a home office.

tips for selling your house when you work from home

Having an open house can be really annoying. You’ll have to pick up your office and make sure it is pristine so that when people come to view it, they will see past the items you have, and imagine their own possessions in their place. Setting up specific viewing hours and open house hours can really benefit you in this situation. Make sure the hours work for both your working habits and your East Mesa real estate agent’s hours. The last thing you want to do is inconvenience the person who is actually trying to help you sell your house and get you on your way.

Another thing you can do is to keep your office nice and clean for when potential buyers arrive. A messy office may work for you and give you comfort, but it won’t work for people who see a messy office and only think that it will always stay that way. The worst part of looking at a house when people currently inhabit it is the lack of imagination you have. With your furniture in their future house, it’s hard to imagine their own belongings. Keeping a clean, tidy office is a great way get potential buyers in the mindset of living in your home once you’ve vacated.

If you have trouble with either of these, you might want to consider clearing out and heading somewhere quiet. A coffee shop is the perfect place to retreat to when you are in the market for a different place to work for a while. With internet cafe’s being so common now, it’s perfectly simple to conduct your business there. That way, you can leave all of your work related items in your car so that you don’t have to clean up the mess continuously. Before you clear out, make sure your home is perfectly staged. The nicer your home looks, the faster it will sell and the faster you will be able to get into your new home and continue business as usual.

If you find disruptions annoying and make you unable to focus, you might want to learn to deal with it. Realtors constantly blow up their clients’ phones. This is good and bad. If you are trying to sell your home, then this is the best way to contact you and let you know that someone either wants to look at your house, or someone wants to put an offer in. So you need to learn to deal with the interruptions, because that is the only way that you are going to be able to move past the inconvenience of uprooting your home and essentially your office. One thing that can help you ease the interruptions are to limit home viewings to people who are genuinely interested in buying the house. This will reduce foot traffic and overall let you focus on your work.

person wanting to sell house but working in homeIf none of these suggestions work for you, you can always invest in a co-working space. These are basically commune areas where people who telecommute, work from home, and freelancers can have a space in which to conduct their business. This is a professional setting you can take advantage of for relatively low rent homes in Las Sendas, at least while you are trying to sell your house. If you only need a desk, this is a great option for you, and a lot of these places offer short-term engagements which is perfect for when you are trying to sell your house.

If you need help selling your house, Coldwell Banker Northeast Mesa can assist you. Our fine experts are professionally trained to put your house on the market and make sure that you get the right price for your home. We can work with your schedule to make sure that we meet your needs, as well! For more information, contact the realtors at Coldwell Banker Northeast Mesa!

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